Third Angel

Class of ’76

£9, £6 concessions

Fri 19th February 2010, 8pm

Class of 76

Established in Sheffield in 1995, Third Angel has presented work in theatres, galleries, cinemas, office blocks, car parks, swimming pools, school halls, damp cellars & public toilets.

In 1999 Third Angel made a performance based on a class photograph taken in 1976; in May 2000, they performed Class of ‘76 again, this time on the spot where the photograph was taken 24 years earlier.

“The school reunion has become a feature of 21st-century life. While it allows you to measure your own achievements against those of your former classmates, their faces can also act as a mirror to your own middle-aged appearance” Lyn Gardner –

Alex Kelly explains further: “In January 1999, we made a short performance piece called Class of ‘76 for a cabaret night in Coventry. We used my old class photo, and told fibs about those innocent faces…What they were like at school, what they were doing now: Lahkvir Singh playing football for the world. Paul Groombridge being bumped off by big business. I couldn’t even remember everyone’s name, so we made some of those up as well”.

In 2001, Third Angel presented a second version of Class of ’76 actually in Chuckery Infants School Hall and told the truth. Between these two events a unique research project had evolved, fulfilling Alex’s childhood dreams of being a detective, tracking down as many of the 34 children in the photograph as he could find. When he found them, he asked them what they had been doing for the last 24 years, what they remembered about school and each other: a catalogue of both shared and unique memories.

Class of ’76 is for the Facebook & Friendsreunited generation – a solo show by Third Angel’s Co-Artistic Director, Alex Kelly.

“I have talked about Class of ’76 since first reading about it… I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to finally see a live version.” LiveArtMagazine

“Magical and beautiful” Total Theatre Magazine

“Incredibly moving.” Yorkshire Post

This performance will be followed by a Q&A.